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Stories of the
Arts of Social Change

Gathering in conversation to share stories and experiences

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Stories of Arts of Social Change
June 16, 2022
1:00-3:00 pm EDT (USA)

An opportunity to share stories of experiences with the varied arts of creating social change that shift relationships within communities, across difference, and between cultures.


Starting points for sharing

Artful practices that shift the way we understand ourselves, our relationships, and our interaction with the world around us

Arts of Collective Reflection

practices that use art media, methods, and creative processes, as vehicles for collective reflection, analysis, and story telling

Social Engaged
Public Art

artists and curators engaging citizens and community members in creative processes that result in works that are displayed or presented in public spaces

Artist Created
Public Art

artists creating works that reflect social conditions and relationships to be exhibited or presented in public spaces

Arts of Social Relationship

arts of asking. connecting, convening, and hosting that initiate and/or deepen relationships between people, across differences

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