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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I have been reading Seth Godin's book, "The Practice", after listening to Tom Bilyeu's podcast with him, "Why you’ve been lied to about where to put your time, energy, and focus."

Seth has become widely known through his daily blog practice. He has 600,000 visitors to his blog each month, and from what I can tell it comes from his daily commitment to write, short pieces, putting them out there in the public realm.

There is something about the idea of "putting it out there" in the public realm that resonates for me as I/we, start to create this idea. Putting it out there is making a statement about practice, imperfection, incompleteness, and the necessity to remain vigilant, adjust course and and re-align.

I am trying to find my place sitting around the fire of ideas and experiences of "justice". My understanding of justice has been shaped by an ancient historical notion that justice has something to do with “the state of right relationships”. We have ways of knowing "rightness". We have sensory clues, physical, emotional, spiritual experiences of “rightness”. Justice requires that we make room to notice, "does it feel right?"

Since humans beings are evolving, moving, changing, justice requires a constant attention to notice what happens when we act, design, implement. What happens to the state of relationships? Are we leaning into a wider “us”, or falling back into smaller fragmented “thems”? Justice requires that we see each other as “us”, There is just us, no "others". Just us, now what?

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